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Meals from the Homestead kitchen

Weelaway host, Jackie, was raised cooking and enjoying farm cooking  - plain, good old fashioned, really tasty tucker.



Beef casserole

Slow cooked chunks of beef and root vegetables in perfectly seasoned gravy


Cottage pie

Savoury mince with potato capped by cheese browned in the oven.


Spaghetti Bolognaise

A traditional Aussie spag bog; full flavoured ragu with a hint of basil and garlic.   


Weelaway Irish Stew

Our favourite – my grandmother’s recipe with local lamb, potatoes and carrots in a yummy gravy.

Moroccan Chicken

Moist flavoursome middle-eastern inspired chicken on rice.  


Spaghetti with tomato, mushroom and olive

Delicious meaty sauce with tomato and basil, forest mushrooms and Weelaway’s own olives  



Delicious homemade ragu layered with béchamel sauce, cheese and vegetables.


Roast Chicken or Roast Lamb

Oven roasted chicken or local lamb with roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy


Tuna patties with mashed potato & peas

Hand-formed patties and buttery mash



All meals $12.00
Pre-order with your booking or self serve from the frozen ready to eat choices in the Homestead kitchen freezer
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