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Meet your host - Jackie Gill (and not-so-silent life partner Brian)

Weelaway on Gregory is owned jointly by Jackie Gill and her partner, Brian Poller who have both travelled extensively and have tested "self service" style accommodation all over Australia and overseas.


Jackie, formerly a journalist who spent time on the international speaker circuit, has spent many years travelling and staying in all different types of accommodation - she wanted to create something where people weren't staring at four walls - where there was a sense of comfort and home.


Brian was in the medical profession and travelled extensively in his work and on holidays - living away from home in all sorts of accommodation.









George Sewell was the grandfather of one of Geraldton's most famous sons, Randolph Stow, who spent a great deal of time at the house.  His most famous novel, Merry Go Round in the Sea, features Geraldton's most iconic play feature near the foreshore at the end of Gregory Street.

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